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Tattooed Chef

Open Kitchen

The Culinary Program

A 12-week journey for the spirit and the mind.

Our culinary program, based in Orange County, California, equips graduates to make a positive impact on local employers and communities. To date, we have graduated over 200 students, with 76% of them securing employment in the culinary industry at restaurants, country clubs, and hotels throughout Orange County.


In 2021, we expanded our program to serve young men in local juvenile corrections programs. Our classes, held in Orange County Juvenile Hall, provide valuable job skills as well as trauma-informed life coaching to address emotional and relational needs. Our goal is to ensure that none of our graduates return to jail or prison.

The Training 

Lessons taught in class expand beyond traditional meal preparation. Students are prepared for the diverse world of culinary cuisine through experiencing and experimenting with styles from a multitude of cultures.

In the Kitchen

Students are introduced to the culinary arts and taught proper techniques for cooking and baking.

Wheat Sketch
Boiling Pot Sketch

They acquire knowledge of recipes, menu development, and the significance of maintaining quality control.

Plate with Fork and Knife

And they are also instructed in the kitchen brigade system of preparation.

Life Skills


They are educated on the importance of maintaining a positive attitude.

Chess piece

They are taught to identify and utilize their strengths.


And they learn the importance of working as part of a team.


In order to successfully complete the program, students are required to complete all curriculum assignments, pass required exams, and maintain good attendance. Upon completion of the program, graduates will be awarded a Certificate of Completion and will receive placement assistance. It is the responsibility of the graduates to obtain their California Food Handler's card before graduation.

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