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Our Journey

For the Spirit and the Soul

Open Kitchen is committed to implementing preventative actions to improve the US prison system. We aim to empower inmates and ex-offenders through the provision of rehabilitation programs, job training and education, and assistance with re-entry into society. Open Kitchen's mission is to reduce recidivism and to improve the overall well-being of those affected by the criminal justice system by addressing the root causes of incarceration.


The Significance

Assisting individuals in prison through rehabilitation not only aids in their personal growth but also significantly reduces the chance of reoffending upon release. Providing basic necessities such as food, shelter, and healthcare not only upholds the fundamental human rights of prisoners but also contributes to the cost-effectiveness of the criminal justice system by decreasing recidivism. By investing in the betterment of prisoners' lives, we not only increase public safety but we also promote fairness as incarceration should serve as punishment for committed crimes and not a lifetime sentence of hardship and suffering. 


“Substantial research has shown that access to education and training services while incarcerated can significantly reduce recidivism. A recent meta-analysis of correctional education programs found that inmates who participate in such programs on average had 43 percent lower odds of being convicted of a crime and returning to prison.”


Our Team

“One of the students asked me why I do this. I told him, ‘You are the reason.’
Each person that succeeds just reminds me how many more survivors around the world need better opportunities to thrive. We want hundreds of thousands of people to benefit from our programs

Deidre Pujols

Our parnters

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