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International Outreach

To create opportunities for all who need them

Part of our overall mission is to offer opportunities to individuals facing vulnerable situations globally. We collaborate with local non-profit partners in various cities to establish and implement our culinary training program, tailored to the local culture. Our team of trained chefs, mentors, and staff provide the necessary training to equip students for success post-graduation worldwide. We have already established a presence in Mexico, Cambodia, India, and Moldova.


The Significance

With immense odds stacked against them, children from war-ravaged regions around the world facing abuse and poverty rely on the care of foster families and child welfare professionals. But when those caregivers harbor similar trauma, they need vital support and guidance to care for themselves and these fragile children.

We provide vital education and training to equip these caregivers to protect children against the threats of human traffickers who so easily capitalize on the young and the vulnerable.

In today’s high-demand global market for human slavery, children affected by abuse and poverty are by far the most vulnerable. Open Kitchen trains child welfare professionals and foster families who are uninformed, overwhelmed and underfunded in order to provide stability and safety.

Children Embracing in Circle

Our Process

We collaborate with nonprofit partners already working to support those from vulnerable life situations in their cities. Open Kitchen assists these partners in establishing and implementing the  culinary training program. Working with organizations in each location, we tailor the curriculum to the local culture. We train the chefs, mentors and staff to operate all three tiers of the program to prepare students for success after graduation.


In Cambodia

We collaborate with Agape International Missions (AIM), a nonprofit that works directly with the Cambodian government to conduct raids on and arrest human traffickers. Together, we’ve provided support to four victims of human trafficking through teaching them culinary and life skills and by helping them secure job placement upon graduating.

In India

Our partner Vision Rescue works to change the destructive mindset of “slum mentality,” the belief that you are destined to live in extreme poverty, through education, vocational training, healthcare and more. We teamed up with Vision Rescue to help strengthen their existing structures and to provide resources for their first ever Culinary Training Institute.


In Mexico

Teaming up with El Pozo de Vida and Sahl+Uno in Mexico, we’ve been afforded the opportunity to establish a 12-week culinary training course to help provide women ages 16 to 38 who’ve experienced sexual exploitation.

Our International Parnters

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